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////// Enjoy Now our New Videoclip "Away Form The Nightmare"

We present our latest video "Away From The Nightmare" with which we are promoting our upcoming album release "The Art of Persuasion" to be released worldwide on September 15, 2014.
Video Link:
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////// Luis Insuasty & Andres Felipe Ortiz, Welcome to Darkempire - Jun 1 2014

We proudly present to all of you, our new Darkempire colleagues and brothers, the talented pianist Luis Insuasty from Palmira and the young and great drummer Andres Felipe Ortiz from Cali... Both, after a casting process that lasted few weeks during 2013, were chosen from several applicants, but in all professional and personal sense are ideal to be part of our family.
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////// "Away From The Nightmare" New Video Release June 7, 2014

Video of the 2nd single from our new album, which will enjoy a few weeks in our official video channel www.youtube.com/DarkempireProg
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////// Cover Art and Title of Our New Album "The Art of Persuasion" Are Ready Now!!!

To celebrate the completion of the final Mix and Master of our new album, we present to our friends and fans, the Official COver of this new album. 
Cover Photo: Andres Tellez 
3D Logo: Evans RWM 
Photo Concept: Adrian Oleas 
Concept & Album Title: Jorge & Adrian Oleas
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////// Confirmed New Drummer and Keyboardist - June 13 2013

After several months of searching and other more engaging, today, June the 30th 2013, we can confirm that Darkempire is complete again and preparing for something new, we will announce their names soon ...
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////// "The Art of Persuasion" Pre-Production and Recording Sessions Pics from 2010 to 2013

In this photo album, we include images from the pre-production, writing and recording of our second studio production, some are very old (2010) and other more recent (2013) the year when some final shots were made, gradually will be adding more pictures we manage to rescue all this time, hopefully you enjoy them as much as we do. 
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////// Pics from the Los Cristales Theater Open Air Show, Oct 17 2010

Some photos of our friends and the media at the Crystals Theatre Open Air Show. 
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////// Live at Vuelta a Rockombia Shock Magazine - August 21 2010

Pics from our show at the Vuelta ROCKOMBIA, again our friends, fans and the media send us their photos to share with you :) 
Album Link: http://darkempireband.com/web/es/gallery/38/
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////// Cali Municipal Theater Live Show Pics - April 17 2010

Here are some pics of our friends and roadies in the Cali Municipal Theater Show. 
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////// "Lucho" 1st Show with Darkempire - Feb 9 2008

This was the first concert with Lucho, on Saturday February 9th, we performed for the Cali fans and friends, the show was a success with over 300 attendees at a small bar that had no capacity to so many people, but they enjoyed so much with us for this very important date for Darkempire.
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////// Luis E. Murillo "Lucho" Signs with Darkempire - July 7 2007

Well, after the good bye of our good friend and Darkempire bassist Felipe triviño, we began a serious search for someone with the necessary level, personality and the seriousness and responsibility to be the new bassist of the band, some attended high recommended to perform at the auditions we made, although some were very good, did not feel the best energy with none, until some Saturday, we went to drink a couple of beers to a nearby bar, that night played 2 bands, one Solinvictus (which were very good) and left us pleasantly surprised that the high level of their young bassist, very successful throughout their execution, and a very firm foundation for the band, just what we need for Darkempire.
A few days later, we just decided that we should call him, because in a few months we had not been able to find someone, not only with the ability, but with enough charisma in a live performance, we met with him as usual in Oleas House, we gave a listen what we did and some of the new things that were beginning to write, and the energy was really good with him, so no more to say, we signed with this great bassist and fills us with great joy to welcome to Eduardo Murillo Luis "Lucho" to the Darkempire family
In this album you can see pictures of this great moment: http://darkempireband.com/web/es/gallery/39/
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////// "Tracks on the Bloody Sands" Album Release Show - Feb 19 2005

And that was the night of the worldwide release of our first album, released in Europe by Blumix Productions and edited by Giant Steps Records for the Americas, enjoy some photos here: 
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////// And the search is over, Arturo Duque New Singer - August 2004

Finally, after several months of casting, it came with a lot of charisma, a great personality, with the image more than necessary to be a great frontman and most importantly an INCREDIBLE voice, Arturo Duque, who came to the Oleas home to present his Casting,  which left us really IMPACTED, WHAT A VOICE!!! We think that it handles a great performance, although only came to sing 2 songs, he sang us Iron Maiden (The Trooper and Powerslave if memory serves us rigth) in which he made it clear that it was not just a great voice, but also on stage have a strong personality and with his feet on the couch, as if it were a stage monitor, like the style of the singers who both have admired the whole life as Dickinson, Dio, Coverdale, Kotipelto, as the biggest, Let’s just convinced that if someone was born to sing with Darkempire was he, for all of that and cause he demonstrate us a human unparalleled quality, two days later we were signing the contract and so we said, WELCOME ARTURO!!!
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////// Darkempire Signs with Blumix Production for European Edition Release - Nov 2004

A few months after we finishing the mixing of "Tracks on the Bloody Sands" we begun to seek international labels through our US label Giant Steps Records, seals Ego Music of Spain and Blumix Production of Italy, decided to edit our record for the European continent under the Italian label, although the album in Colombia goes on sale the month of December 2004, the concert for the worldwide release will be on February 19th 2005, so the Cd will be in European stores starting next year, which fills us with joy to share this good new with all of you, also GSR will distribute our album in Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela from the month of March 2005.
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////// Darkempire 1st Single "Witness of Pain" - May 3 2002

At this link, you can hear the first single recorded as Darkempire and will be to re-mix and re-mastering to included in our first full length. 
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////// Darkempire Day 1... Father to Son Legacy - January 1st 2000

After a successful period that lasted four years under the name of Lord Messiah, we feel the need to take a step forward in many respects as a band and individuals, this results in the musically evolve our style, our lyrics and of course, our identity , thus our name as a band should also evolve, is how after many hours of Jorge and Adrian think of a name that could not only create impact and power, but to represent all that they wished to express in his lyrics, which wanted now load much social realism, criticism of the institutional and religious hypocrisy, making a call to humanity to open their eyes and rebel against everything that we should embarrass as a species and up to excel, all that was a discussion that took few days and several hours to treat, at a point, mankind Dark complains of those empires that have enslaved us for centuries, but in turn mankind is a "Dark Empire" against the planet itself, so by way of Review that was the name we think is perfect for synthesizing in ONE WORD everything DARKEMPIRE to say and mean. 
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////// And Thus Lord Messiah Was Born... The Dark Empire’s Father

It was Sunday, that June 16, 1996, when Jorge Oleas called his brother from Bogota, where for nearly four years has been studying and working, but tired of doing something that was not his passion, he decided returned to Cali, in that call he said to Adrian, "I GOT TIRED OF THIS, I return to Cali and we will make the band we’ve always wanted..." It was with that call how they started just 3 days later and together in Cali, a dream which even today still call the project of their lives, but whose name was LORD MESSIAH then. 

They went through countless situations, shared his dream with many musicians as they were just beginning their careers, with hard work, effort, sacrifice and dedication began a difficult journey to achieve recognition of a scene that did not know even the highly experimental style they decided to do without the difficulty arise in a country that even then he saw the rock with much suspicion, but even though everything seemed to be against, did not give up at nothing and managed to earn a spot and a great name in the local and national audience got to hear his songs, having recorded a demo that sounded in several bars and radio programs of the era. 

But with the passage of nearly four years, in December 1999, after several successful concerts, they decided to pause, look back, assess what they has been achieved and what has been learned, and it was at that time, in which a critical change for humanity approached with the mythical Y2K, it was when they understood that Lord Messiah had not to come to an end, but evolve, take another step forward and face a new challenge, a rebirth, leaving the father behind who they learned from, many things personal and professionally... that December, Lord Messiah would become the father to accompany them as a valuable keepsake, full of lessons, but he should cease to exist, to allow a new dream come to a birth, which today still do actually... 

By Darkempire
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