Adrian Oleas

Born November 13th, 1978 in Cali Colombia, initially known as Darkempire guitarist, also as a sound engineer and music producer, owner of Sound Chaser Studio, where he has made over 30 musical productions, including those of DarkEmpire and other important local and national bands.

Although is only known as Darkempire guitarist, was also a member of the Jazz quartet "The Fish Messengers" between 2003 and 2004 and has been Session guitarist of several of the bands produced by him and as a guest guitarist in some national tours of other bands.

His first musical studies began in high school, where his teacher was the guitarist Pedro Galvis (1992-1994) Then he received instruction of theory and technique of electric guitar by his brother Jorge during the Lord Messiah years (1996 to 1999) after this process, he met some prestigious jazz musicians of his city, including a couple mentioned by him, like Jaime Henao and Alvaro Payan, from whom he learned advanced harmony and improvisation (1999 to 2003) at 2004 there were made his first productions, which he learned watching engineers working, like Adolfo Levy and Esdras Herrera, then started his professional training in recording and audio post-production and achieve that way international certifications as sound engineer and producer (2005 to 2008)

He is also a film making lover, where he has worked as Sound Department Director  for some movie productions, he has worked with around 10 short and 3 long films, some of which have participated in international film festivals such as the Cartagena between 2012 to 2014, so this resume has served him to be called to teach a number of  music production and Post Audio Cinema workshops and Diplomates, for programs like Vivelab of Ministry of Technologies and the National Communications and other to the Culture and Education Secretary of his city and some universities.

He mentions as his main influences as guitarists to Adrian Smith, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Kiko Loureiro, Michael Romeo, John Petrucci, Victor Smolski and many others, in addition to his deep love for Iron Maiden (he says, they are the reason why he turned to music) Dream Theater, Whitesnake, Dio, Symphony X, Stratovarius, Angra, Cacophony, Rage, Jorn Lande, and a few others and her passion for Tango and Jazz music, especially by composers such as Astor Piazzolla, Troilo, Gardel , Chick Corea, Miles Davis, Dave Weckl, Scott Henderson, Guthrie Govan, Charlie Parker and the Blues masters as Joe Williams and Gary Moore.

Adrian Oleas is passionate for Jackson guitars, Marshall & Peavey amplifiers, Seymour Duncan Pickups, Dean Markley strings and also use 1.14 mm Delrin Dunlop picks, Vox Wah and Biyang Pedals, he Loves tube amplifiers, but he prefer to use rack systems with midi foot controllers, because brings more efficiency and for live performing is faster to set.

Andrés Felipe Ortiz

Felipe Ortiz was born on April 29th, 1988 in Cali, Colombia, his musical journey began at the age of 16th, who daydreaming he decided to become the "new Metallica drummer" in the midst of this, he makes much noise with pillows and chairs trying to play Metallica’s songs, it was with a lot of passion and hard imagining that played in front of thousands of fans in concert.

At first he thought he played very bad, so he decided to take drum lessons, and at the same time he formed The Mirror (his first band) They played covers of heavy and power metal of their favorite bands, in some school events where he studied music.

After graduation was difficult to continue playing with his band, cause the job duties of all, so that some of its members resigned, so they changed the band name to "Ledz" and also changed gender to indie rock, their first single "Ugly bear" got good reviews from the public, but unfortunately the band broke up, for many reasons and occupations.

After this, he took personal drum lessons, with some recognized drummers their city and in 2010 he was called to join Beliar, a band of heavy trash metal and six months later, the band released "Libertilandia" his first single that sounded on the radio and it was well received.

Felipe continued to develop their skills and knowledge on their own, studying his favorite drummers, who are his biggest influences as Aquiles Priester, Mike Portnoy and others, this study process, has led him to develop a high level and given their skills and delivery, in 2012, was called to participate in auditions for drummer at Darkempire, so he decided to take the challenge and after a long series of auditions, won the opportunity to join the band, focus since then to Darkempire only, with which it recently released their 2nd album and preparing now dates to promote a concert tour for this new album.



Luis Insuasty

Born in Palmira Colombia,  November 6th 1984, he began his music studies taught himself at age of 14th; playing classical, popular and some rock guitar.

After a few years started playing piano and keyboard, having great empathy for these instruments and soon developed a knack, that led him to conceive of this art as a lifestyle.

He began his formal music studies at the House of Culture Ricardo Nieto of Palmira , where he meets and takes classes with such greats as Oscar Mora (classical pianist , Soloist), Enrique Millán (classical guitarist , performer, historian) , Hernando López (bass, guitarist, musical director).

During his time of study and for a long time played in several rock bands, ballads, metal and folk music of the city, which acquired extensive experience in sound and interpretation.

Thanks to this tour is contacted by the brothers Jorge and Adrian Oleas to be part of Darkempire.

His main musical influences are Beethoven, Chopin, Bach and Liszt in the classical world.
Deep Purple, Queen, Pantera, Angra, Dream Theater, Stratovarius, Megadeth, Helloween, in the world of Rock.


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In 1996 the Oleas brothers began a dream in a city that had little or nothing to do with rock. Dream that came true years later: To have a progressive metal band that put on the world map of rock to his native Cali, Colombia.

Their first songs were the result of joint work between this guys and the strong influences from the most important heavy metal bands. There were several songs which were made popular in their country before they published in 2002 the EP, Witness Of Pain. Songs like Lord Messiah and the rare instrumental Mundo In-mundo were heard in the very first shows of these young Colombian musicians.

In 2003 they released their first studio album with 10 songs which proved the rapid evolution of this Colombian band. Due to the incursion of elements of progressive rock, jazz and classical music they became one precedent in the metal of their country.

Songs like Tormentor caused them to be recognized  for several specialized print media as the most promising colombian band of the genre. The popular ballad Beggars and the powerful Foggy Eternal Night were in the radio for several weeks and are now part of the hymns of this colombian Metal band. Tracks On The Bloody Sands (2005) is, actually, the name of this album which opened the doors in Europe which achieved significant sales and many reviews highlighting the technical skills of its members and the conceptual aspect of their first studio album where they expressed the reality of his country with a perfect combination of poetry and explicit lyrics. You must hear it.

Now we have their new album which is nurtured with enigmatic passages, unexpected colors on keyboards, powerful riffs, overwhelming rhythms in drums and a really great voice who is announcing that these guys come with great force to stay in the ear and memory of the fans of the most competitive metal genre, The Progressive Metal.

The art of persuasion is ready for you to delight in every bite and be persuaded as all who have bought this great album.